Women's clothing

Women’s clothing

الملابس النسائية

Women’s relationship with fashion is unique. One of the things that a woman cares about most is the external appearance and the choice of clothes. She takes clothes as a powerful means of expression. There are many factors that women depend on in choosing their clothes, such as:

  • Beauty and seduction: It is considered one of the most important factors that women depend on in their choices.
  • humility There are some places and cultures that still maintain modesty in women’s clothing.

The development of e-commerce for women’s fashion and fashion

Certainly, e-commerce for women’s fashion and fashion in terms of clothing, shoes, watches, and accessories is the most common, Most of the statistics recorded that the majority of sales are for women’s fashion. The percentage of sales from electronic stores has increased in the recent period and is likely to increase double in the following years.

Reasons for the increase in demand for online shopping sites

  • Most shoppers want a way to save and reduce the money they spend on purchases. Therefore, online shopping sites have found a high demand for services such as shipping, delivery, and discounts that help them save their money.
  • Ease of shopping from anywhere in the world through the services provided by these sites, such as shipping and delivery to any place.
  • diversity of payment methods, Where there are many safe payment methods available, as well as the presence of a payment service upon receipt.

Women’s fashion in the “Tajer Zone” store

  • Women are always keen to follow the fashion pages and appear decent and elegant to enhance their self-confidence.
  • Tajer Zone store offers many popular brands in the world of clothing, such as the famous Gucci brand and the well-known Louis brand.

Among the best-selling clothes available through the Tajer Zone store:

  • High quality T-shirt from the brand Gucci.
  • High quality shawl with accessories by Louis brand.
  • High quality Vuitton jacket with accessories from Louis brand.
  • Women’s coat.
  • Many stylish women’s blouses.
  • High quality jacket with accessories from the Belinica brand .

Women’s sportswear

  • Sportswear has become an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe. Where women are keen to wear sportswear that draws attention to them and achieves comfort at the same time.
  • A great selection of women’s shoes and sportswear is available at the Tajer Zone store.
  • The Adidas Yeezy Commercial Shoes is one of the shoes with a clean and unique design. It is suitable for daily wear and has good ventilation. Which makes it suitable for exercise.
  • Women’s sportswear and kits of various brands are also available. It is made of materials that do not cause sweating.

The two dresses

  • One of the clothes that any woman cares about most are dresses and occasion clothes, because she is keen to always appear elegant and eye-catching.
  • Tajer Zone provides many dresses of various shapes and brands, such as:
  • Regular dresses “Tiger – Silk – Short”
  • Comfortable and elegant maternity dresses.
  • A women’s suit for special occasions, which is characterized by its attractive and elegant design.
  • Winter dresses for occasions with a luxurious and elegant look.
  • Moroccan dress with a distinctive and attractive design.
  • Galabia for special occasions.
  • Distinctive evening dresses.
  • Kuwaiti Draa

Women’s underwear

  • Women’s underwear in various shapes, materials and colors is also available on the Trader Zone store, in addition to nightwear and lingerie, such as:
  • Pajama short satin burgundy.
  • Beige satin pajama embroidered with black lace
  • Lingerie dance suit in different and attractive colors.
  • Comfortable, attractive and versatile nightgowns.
  • Lingerie satin dresses.
  • Lingerie dresses made of leather.
  • Spanish lace sets.
  • 7-piece pajamas sets.

women shoes

  • A woman’s interest in shoes is no less than her interest in clothes. Where a woman’s elegance is not complete without her shoes, due to its great importance in giving her luster and attractiveness.
  • Tajer Zone store provides sports shoes of various brands, in addition to sandals and flat shoes.
  • Among the most famous brands specialized in women’s heels and sandals:
  • Dior
  • gucci
  • Noz
  • Qaya
  • Givenchy
  • Hormuz
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Comfortable flat shoes are also available in various shapes, colors and brands such as:
  • Lorpina
  • Adidas
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes

Women’s sports shoes

  • Many women are currently keen to exercise in sports clubs and others, This made women’s sports shoes one of the most popular categories online.
  • Among the brands available in the Tajer Zone store, among the shoe options:
  • Adidas: Adidas is one of the largest international companies in the manufacture of sports clothing and shoes. Where its products have gained great popularity due to the wonderful and distinctive design, Which gives you a feeling of comfort while running and helps you burn calories.
  • Nike: As it is considered one of the best brands of sports shoes ever because of the sense of comfort it gives, it is also equipped with ventilation holes for the feet and a rubber sole that helps to feel more comfortable.
  • Gucci: It is also considered one of the best brands of sports shoes. It has a lining made of cotton, which is an eco-friendly material.
  • villa: Fila shoes are easy to wear and suitable for all ages. It is a comfortable shoe that is suitable for all sports activities.
  • Chanel: The Chanel shoe is one of the best sports shoes, as it features a round toe with letters of the brand’s logo on it. And the sole is made of rubber.