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التسوق الالكتروني للمنتجات الغذائية

People spend large sums of their money each month on buying food and food products, at a greater rate than any other goods or services. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when buying foods to ensure that you buy healthy and guaranteed foods for your safety and the safety of your children.

The process of healthy nutrition begins with your intelligence in the process of purchasing food products, whether from the supermarket or electronic stores. Preparing healthy meals is difficult if there are no healthy ingredients in your kitchen. Therefore, nutrition experts advise not to shop for food products in case of hunger, because this will push you to buy foods rich in fats and sugars.

Tajer Zone store offers the best food and beverage products of the highest quality, best prices, and the best-selling food products available on Tajer Zone store:

First: Tea and coffee:

  • Many people love tea and coffee and drink it constantly. However, tea and coffee in the market contain a high percentage of caffeine, which causes diseases and increases heart rate, as well as insomnia and hormonal imbalances.
  • Therefore, the Trader Zone store provides you with healthy Lingzi tea, which contains less than 1% caffeine , and is characterized by being pure from the extracts of Ganoderma mushrooms, which are full of benefits, as it strengthens the body’s immunity and rid it of toxins.
  • The Traderzon store also provides various Lingzi latte, Which gives you the delicious taste of tea to drink daily, It consists of pure tea in addition to cream bleach and the extract of the multi-benefit Ganoderma thought.
  • The merchants store also provides coffee from different brands, such as Edmark 73 coffee, which is one of the finest types of coffee. It is also made from Brazilian coffee with Ganoderma extract, It is not only characterized by its delicious taste, but also helps the body to get rid of toxins. It also helps oxygen reach all cells and organs of the body.
  • Collagen drink: It is a chocolate drink made from fish collagen extracted from natural marine sources such as salmon fish, It also has the delicious taste and aroma of chocolate. It also contains refreshing and easy-to-digest barley.
  • Koresbys Coffee: Made from a mixture of the finest Brazilian coffee and the multi-benefit Cordyceps mushroom, It strengthens the body’s immunity, treats nerve infections, treats back pain, and regulates heartbeat.
  • Lingzhi coffee made from the finest types of coffee and Hanoderma mushroom extract, which strengthens immunity. It also has a bold taste and rich aroma.
  • Cocozi: It is a chocolate drink made from the best quality cocoa with Ganoderma mushrooms, which have many benefits. To enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of chocolate.

Secondly: Dates:

  • Dates are known to be a food with high nutritional value. It is one of the foods that contain the most sugars. It is also a tonic for the muscles and nerves and delays the symptoms of aging.
  • Tajer Zone provides the finest types and brands of dates with a delicious taste and multiple benefits:
  • Ikhlas pass the original and natural current from any chemicals, Which made it retain its natural rich taste.
  • Royal Muftal dates from the finest palm trees. It is one of the most delicious types of dates and the highest quality. It is also distinguished by its delicious taste and golden color. Dates help improve digestion, treat anemia, and lower cholesterol.
  • Ikhlas Al-Ahsa date molasses, natural and 100% pure, without colorants or synthetics, It has a distinctive taste because it retains all its benefits and natural elements.
  • Luxurious date paste with a rich taste. Which can be used in the manufacture of sweets and baked goods.

Fourthly: Honey:

  • Honey is a food with multiple benefits, in addition to being a food for the body. It can be used as an ointment to treat burns, infections and other diseases.
  • Tradezone store provides the best types of natural honey:
  • Sidr honey from the elite of Al-Jouf: With a delicious taste and multiple benefits, It is extracted from Sidr flowers, which are considered one of the flowers rich in healthy elements necessary for the body.
  • Natural bee honey from Forever: Which is characterized by its sweet taste and excellent benefit, It is a natural source of energy, It is also free from any industrial materials.
  • Black Forest Honey: Which has the same benefits as natural honey in addition to other health benefits. As it works to relieve the symptoms of many diseases, such as symptoms of colds, heal burns, and strengthen immunity.
  • Mandore honey: It is a special honey that increases the sexual ability of men, treats premature ejaculation, and increases erection strength.