A guide to using your store on the Tajer Zone platform

  • How to print a waybill?

You go to your account in the Trader Zone website> Then to the seller’s control panel> Then to orders> Then you click on the request, then if the shipment is by SMSA, the policy will be printed by pressing the View Policy button at the top of the page, But if the shipment is via Aramex, the policy is printed by clicking on the create shipment button at the bottom of the page

  • How can I track my shipments?

You can track your shipments by entering the tracking number on the shipping company’s website and viewing the shipment details

  • How do I update my bank details?

By going to the seller’s control panel> Then press Settings> Then click on Bank Data

  • When can I apply for a withdrawal?

Seven days after the customer receives the request, you submit a withdrawal request through your account on the site, and then we transfer the amount to your bank account registered with us.

  • How do I apply for withdrawal of my store’s sales value?

By going to the seller’s control panel> Then press the withdraw button> Then apply for withdrawal

  • What is the commission charged to the store?

The order value + shipping cost is collected to our account, and after you submit the withdrawal request, the amount will be transferred to you after deducting the shipping cost + 10% site commission

  • How can I add my products?

By going to the seller’s control panel> Then click on Products> Then click on add a new product

  • How can I choose the product to start my e-commerce with?

Search through google trends or choose one of the distinguished products that are produced in your region or in your country, or through your analysis of the market and consumer demand to find out what product is in high demand and you can offer it at a special price and with high quality

  • How can I copy and market my product link?

Go to the product page (go to the store list< Then choose your store< Then click on the desired product and the product page will appear to you) Then copy the page link from the browser address field or click on one of the social media options that appear in front of you to show you the link to your product page to share with your target customers