Watches, bags and accessories

Watches, bags and accessories

الساعات والحقائب والاكسسوارات

Watches and accessories are a woman’s best friend and make her more elegant and radiant. Also, wearing accessories makes you happier, as they are the means that increase self-confidence, especially on special occasions.

Many of the most luxurious brands of women’s accessories are available on the Tradezon store.

Or not: Women’s watches

There are many different types of women’s watches with an elegant and attractive appearance, as they are considered the best friend of any woman, so they can never be dispensed with, including:

  • Women’s watches from the brand Tory Burch: The American Tory Burch watch for women is distinguished by its high quality and sophistication. It is made of stainless steel and also has a warranty on the battery and the machine. As it stormed the Arab markets with many square and rectangular exports.
  • Women’s watches from the Versace brand: Versace watches are characterized by elegance and beauty in shape, and they are characterized by the Swiss character in terms of accuracy in design. They are also equipped with a group of crystals that increase their sophistication and elegance, and their battery is of Japanese manufacture.
  • Gucci women’s watches : Gucci women’s watches are the epitome of elegance because they have a bright rainbow striped pattern on the horrific strap of colored rhinestones.
  • Women’s watches from Bvlgari brands: Bvlgari watches are the most famous women’s watches, as they are characterized by elegance and luxury. It is also distinguished by its unique feminine design, in which it uses small pieces of gold, which gives it an attractive and wonderful appearance. It is considered the first watch to use the logo as part of the design.
  • Women’s watches from the Omega brand: Omega watches are at the top of the watches because of their innovative and distinctive design, equipped with the latest technology. It is also considered a charming accessory and an addition to the fashion world because of its absolute elegance.
  • Cartier Women’s Watches: The Cartier women’s watch is one of the best watches ever because of its wonderful and eye-catching design, where all women compete to buy it.
  • Women’s watches from the brand Aigner: The Aigner watch for women is made of stainless steel, and its bracelet is made of black calfskin leather, and the indices and hands are silver in color. It also has a water pressure resistance feature and an analog battery.
  • Women’s watches from the Rolex brand: This watch is one of the top 5 watches for women, as it is made of 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold. It is often decorated with a luminous material, and its indexes are inlaid with gold, which gives it an elegant and luxurious look.

secondly: sunglasses:

Sunglasses are considered one of the most distinctive and very necessary accessories for protection from the sun’s rays in the summer, and they also give an elegant and attractive look. Therefore, women cannot do without glasses in the summer as a kind of accessories, and this is why sunglasses have developed recently, and various designs and different and distinctive models have appeared.

The Tradezone store has many popular and impressive designs of different types of brands, including:

  • Women’s glasses from the Versace brand : Versace is considered one of the best international brands, as it is characterized by high quality and distinctive design.
  • Women’s sunglasses from the Lacoste brand: Lacoste sunglasses are considered one of the best sunglasses ever, as they provide 100% protection from sunlight and are characterized by a unique and modern design. Therefore, it is considered the best seller in the world.
  • Louis Vuitton sunglasses: The creations of striking and delicate designs appear in Louis Vuitton glasses, as they are distinguished by the elegant and feminine design, so they are considered one of the most popular women’s glasses, It also gives an attractive and elegant look.
  • Chanel sunglasses: The Chanel brand always offers the latest and most beautiful designs of sunglasses, as its designs are classic and modern at the same time, at reasonable prices.
  • Sunglasses from the Gucci brand: Gucci glasses are designed in a youthful and distinctive way, as they work to protect from sunlight in the street. Gucci glasses are among the most luxurious sunglasses, as many women are keen to acquire them.

Third: jewelry:

One of the things that preoccupies women the most at the present time is the acquisition of jewelry, because of its effective effect in changing the shape of clothes and giving an attractive and elegant appearance. The jewelry dealers store is available in various types and forms, including:

  • Jaber Chair Model Earring : The Jaber Chair Earring is considered one of the most luxurious jewelry, thank you. It is made of 21 karat gold and is distinguished by its traditional Saudi design, which gives an attractive and elegant look.
  • Versace quartz ring: In order to enjoy an elegant and luxurious look, you must purchase a Versace quartz ring, as it is characterized by its unique and distinctive design, so many women compete to buy it.
  • Louis Vuitton bracelet: The Louis Vuitton bracelet is considered one of the finest women’s jewelry ever, as it has an elegant and attractive appearance and gives a wonderful look to women.

Fourthly : bags:

In order for a woman to complete the elegance of her clothes, bags must be added to the clothes. There are many luxury brands on the Tradezone store, including bags,

  • Calvin Klein women’s bag.
  • Women’s bag from the brand Botiva.
  • Dior women’s bag.