Men's shoes

Men’s shoes

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Choosing the right shoe shape is very important when shopping for clothes. Be it everyday wear, occasion wear or work wear, Where elegance is not complete unless you wear the right shoes, which add the final and necessary touch to complete the look.

There are many shapes and types of shoes, including summer and winter shoes, occasional shoes, beach shoes, and sports shoes. But despite the different shapes and designs from year to year, There are criteria to consider when buying shoes. Since buying cheap shoes does not necessarily mean that you are an economical and thrifty person. But you have to buy good shoes that will keep your feet healthy and save you from having to change them and buy new shoes after a short period.

Men’s interest in the shape and type of shoe:

A man cares about his outward appearance to look elegant and attractive, so he cares about the shape and type of his shoes. And with the different shapes and types of shoes, from casual shoes to occasional shoes and sports shoes, It also varies according to the material it is made of. There are high-quality natural leather shoes. There are also shoes made of cloth.

And when you decide to buy your shoes, you have to take care of a group of things and pay attention to them before buying, Such as choosing your appropriate size, the type of leather you prefer, the method of sewing shoes, and the type of sole that is comfortable for you.

formal men’s shoes:

A man’s elegance is not complete on any occasion except by wearing the appropriate formal shoes, which give him more elegance to his clothes and outward appearance.

Men prefer formal shoes made of high-quality leather with elegant, strong, and tightly closed laces. He also prefers formal shoes with a serious sole, which gives the man stability and control that lasts for a long time. In addition to the attractive and modern appearance of the shoe.

Tradezone store includes a wide variety of formal shoes that add a special beauty to your outward appearance and combine elegance and comfort.

Sports shoes and sneakers:

Whether you prefer to wear sneakers most of the time or you prefer to wear them only when exercising, You must know that the type of shoes you wear makes your impression on others more than you can imagine. It also determines how women look at you in a big way.

Where a survey was conducted for more than 300 women of different social and cultural levels. They found that they prefer men who wear sports shoes because they give them a modern and elegant look and suit all types of clothes and looks. And it makes the man look more sexy to them.

Of the best-selling brands and types of men’s shoes available on the Tradezone store:

  • Yeezy High Quality Shoes: Which is characterized by its unique design and gives ample space for the feet and toes, which makes you feel comfortable, Its lower part is made of ivory, which works to protect your foot from the bottom while walking. And suitable for all your daily activities.
  • Nike shoes: Which is one of the best sports shoes offered by the most famous brand in the world of men’s shoes, which uses raw materials of the highest quality to help you exercise, The shoe is also characterized by its light weight and soft cushioning.
  • adidas shoes, Which is one of the favorite brands of most young people, Where Adidas shoes give comfort to the feet, They are also specially designed for sports.
  • Sport casual shoe suitable for everyday activities.
  • High-quality soccer shoes, which are distinguished by their aesthetic colors and designs, and are equipped with an inner lining.

Tradezone store also provides modern shoes, sandals and slippers made from the finest leather and from the best brands such as:

  • Hermes sandals: It is made of calfskin leather and features a creative hole in the shape of the letter H. It is distinguished by its delicate details. It is equipped with a comfortable 2-inch high heel. It is indispensable in any wardrobe.