Mobiles and tablets

Mobiles and tablets

الموبايلات والتابلت

The mobile phone is considered one of the most important inventions in our life at all, as it is used in all areas of life of all kinds. Since the invention of the mobile phone, it has gone through many different stages. Each stage of them has a great impact on the human being, as it pushed him forward miles. Therefore, the mobile phone is considered one of these factors that contributed in one way or another to the technical development as well as social progress. And also many other aspects of life, so the importance of the mobile phone in our lives must be recognized. And also in the transfer of information, as the entire world has recently witnessed many great developments in all fields of industry, development, business, and also the field of money, transportation, and others. This development is due to technological progress and the great development witnessed in the field of communications over the years.

The mobile phone is considered one of the most important modern devices that man has been able to reach in our time, due to the progress and availability of capabilities. In our time, the great benefit of the phone lies in the ease of communication between people, as this led to reducing the burden on others, so the person no longer needs to move to great distances in order to see others. The importance of the mobile phone is not limited to communication and communication only, but also it can be used in many areas Work such as writing, blogging, and financial transactions. It can also be used to control many devices and applications such as air conditioning, lighting, and others.

Due to this great importance of the mobile phone, the Tradezone store is keen to provide many mobile devices and accessories, such as:

First: Smartphone devices:

  • iPhone 11, 128 GB of memory: The iPhone 11 is characterized by the fact that it supports two SIM cards, and it is also waterproof and has a six-core processor. It is also characterized by shooting videos in high quality.
  • iPhone 8, memory size of 265 GB: This phone features a 12-megapixel rear camera and also has a six-core processor. It supports fast charging, fast and powerful performance, and is dust and dirt resistant.
  • Anker Soundcore Headphones: These headphones are characterized by the sound of the jewel, and they are against water and sweat, and the duration of playback is 6 hours at one level, and they also support Bluetooth.
  • AirPods from the Apple brand : The AirPods from the Apple brand are distinguished by the fact that they have a subwoofer, and they are resistant to sweat and water, and we can continue to work for 6 hours on a single charge, in addition to that they have the distinctive facilities of use for people with special needs.
  • Anker Car Charger with Wire : The Anker charger is distinguished by its slim and sleek design. This charger is also considered one of the fastest chargers that you can use. It also provides a protection system and temperature control, so that you can protect your device.
  • Divia Pencil iPad Pen: The Divia Pencil iPad pen and iPad are distinguished as a digital pen through which drawing and writing can be made on the device with ease. It is also sensitive to pressure and tilt, so you can change the weight of the line.

secondly: portable power bank

  • Joy Power Bank 10,000 mAh: which is characterized by its small size, so it is easy to carry. The battery watch is 10,000 mAh. It also builds an LED lamp that shows the operating status.
  • Portable charger from Icon: It has a capacity of 20000 mAh, has a global compatibility, and a battery made of lithium-ion, which helps you charge your vacation.
  • Portable charger from a powerful company: This charger has many features, as it charges 50% in half an hour only, and this is what distinguishes it from traditional charging.
  • Portable charger from the Kent Power brand .
  • Portable charger from Rav Power.