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Health, beauty and perfumes

الصحة والجمال والعطور

Health, beauty and skin care is very important, but it is not easy, so it must be given great attention. Beauty is a reflection of human health. We are attracted to people who are beautiful and fair-skinned because they are beautiful. Where there is a study conducted by 600 young volunteers that confirmed the strength of the relationship between beauty, skin and attractiveness, whether male or female.

Tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy

  • Eating healthy food: We must moderate our food intake and avoid overeating in order to give the stomach enough time that it needs to digest the food inside it. You should also not eat too much to avoid weight gain and maintain body shape. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of food that contains artificial colors, sugary materials, many fats and industrial materials, so you should stay away from these foods. In addition to eating more fruits, vegetables, white and red meat, legumes and grains, because they are among the most beneficial foods for the body.
  • Sleeping enough hours: Sleep is one of the most important things that affect a person’s mental and physical health. Where lack of sleep leads to many problems, such as an imbalance in metabolism, a decrease in concentration, mood swings and stress, In addition to its effect on cardiovascular health.
  • Exercise: Exercising helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases. Therefore, we must commit to exercising from half an hour to an hour a day. Because it has a beneficial and necessary effect on the health of the body in general.

Trader Zone store and health and beauty care products

Tajer Zone store provides many tools and products for skin and hair care, and it also contains the best perfume brands.

Or not: Health and personal care products:

  • Maly T3 laser device, one lens: This device relies on emitting flashes that can reach the roots of the hair so that the heat plays its role in weakening the hair during several sessions. This device helps to remove hair over relatively long periods of time. Its results appear within 3 months by up to 85 to 90%.
  • HR hair removal lens filled with 500 thousand flashes: The Malay lens is characterized by the technology of intense light pulse, which in turn works to enter the hair in a state of inactivity, As it works to reduce hair growth by 93% after about 13 to 16 sessions, It is easy and fast to use.
  • Geepas Electric Shaver: This trimmer is characterized by its smooth finish, which is easy to use. Besides, it allows you to freely choose the cutting length as you want. It also contains stainless steel blades.
  • Mercury shaver: This machine is characterized by the accuracy of cutting and its strong effectiveness in removing hair.

secondly: Hair care and styling products:

  • Aloe vera spray: Which contains aloe vera in addition to natural plant preparations, It can be used as an antibiotic to soothe the skin and relieve sunburn pain. It can also be used to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Brazilian Keratin Hair Conditioner: This conditioner is characterized by the fact that it works to strengthen the hair and make it soft and smooth. It contains coconut oil, avocado and cocoa butter in addition to keratin proteins. It gives your hair a new life and gives it sparkle and shine.
  • Thickness for hair: There are many benefits of coriander herb for hair, It has a magical effect in treating hair problems. It helps hair growth, prevention of baldness, increase its length, and give it shine and luster. It also strengthens hair follicles and protects against hair loss and split ends.
  • Candice Olofera Shower Gel: This man shower gel contains rich ingredients that give the skin softness and hydration. It consists of a mixture of vanilla, honey and caramel berries, which have many benefits and give softness, shine and silky texture to the skin.
  • Petrova Argan Hair Mask: Which consists of a home formula to treat hair damage, It is a rich moisturizer to nourish the scalp and make it healthy and strong.
  • Diamond oil: which eliminates dandruff and prevents hair loss and brittleness. It also works to strengthen hair follicles.

And other oils, creams, shampoos and hair care products.

It also provides devices for hair care or laser hair removal devices. Among the available and best-selling devices on the Trader Zone website:

  • Hair curler: This device is characterized by a wonderful and professional design, in order to curl the hair and give it curls of great beauty and splendor, It is also characterized by ease of use, suitable for all hair types, and provides four temperatures, and is also characterized by its light weight, so it can be taken while traveling.
  • Dis device for laser hair removal: It is considered one of the effective and safe machines for women, as it helps them remove hair within a month only. It works automatically while continuing to emit flashes, unlike some other devices.
  • Panasonic hair dryer: It features a heat protection mode that protects hair from overheating. It is also distinguished that the air pressure inside it may reach 55%.
  • Malay laser hair removal device.