Kids Games

Kids Games

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Childhood has a special, spiritual, and enjoyable system. Childhood games are a beautiful memory over the years, and they are of fundamental importance to the child. Children play as a result of internal, not external, motives.

Play is the only means by which the child achieves his pleasure and curiosity in knowledge. It is not just a means of surrendering and wasting time, but rather it is much greater than that in a major supporter of the success of the education processes and the method of education.

The importance and benefits of playing for children:

Play has a very great importance for children that cannot be counted either psychologically or physically at the various stages of his life, as these benefits include the psychological, social and physical aspects as well.

First: Benefits of physical play for children

It helps him to identify his capabilities in the places he can reach. The child moves a lot while playing and exercises many movements, which stimulates his sound Bedouin development, such as running, Play also achieves many benefits in the child’s muscular structure because of his activity and constant movement.

The movement of the child during play helps in renewing the blood circulation, and thus increasing and stimulating mental activity. Therefore, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

secondly: Social benefits of children’s games:-

  • Through play, the child learns about his rights and duties, and it also helps him to make and maintain friendships during play.
  • Knowing his social self and what distinguishes him from others.
  • He learns the importance of cooperation and participation, because the childhood stage before 6 years is characterized by elegance, and if playing helps him to make some concessions, then he learns how to be loving to others.

Third: The importance of play for the child’s psychological and mental development:

Through games, the child learns to solve problems and think about them, so the child often faces problems and obstacles while playing, trying to find solutions to them, so it works on his mental development, and play is an effective way to empty the negative feelings of the child, and play also helps him to communicate with others and increase self-confidence and acquire many From experience, the Tradezone store provides many children’s games, including:

  • Mama Love baby walker : The baby doll from the Mama Love brand is characterized by cheerful sounds, and it is also equipped with games to entertain the child in the front tray, and its height is adjustable, and it has many attractive colors, and it also has a compact fold, and its data is distinguished by its ability to be washed.
  • Luffy Gear game: which is considered one of the most loved and enjoyed games by children.
  • Naruto Hokage game : Naruto is one of the most attractive and very exciting characters for children.
  • Piano children’s mattress : Many children enjoy this mattress because it prepared you with colors, so it works to attract the child’s attention, and it is also equipped with games such as sounds, where the child can play, sit, and also play the piano.
  • Number scale: This scale is considered one of the most useful games for your child, as it recognizes fruits and distinguishes between colors, more and less, and numbers from 1,9. It can also form an easy mathematical operation such as addition and subtraction.
  • Scissor scooter : This Alexander is one of the games that children enjoy the most, and it has a great benefit in teaching children how to balance well, as it is characterized by high quality, superior strength, and a steel structure.
  • Java bike: This bike is characterized by being carbon and light in weight, as it is equipped with wide brakes, and all its components are fast and have aluminum duties from Shimano.
  • The Wonder Car : This game is considered one of the best games ever. It also improves the mental level, as it consists of a set of stages, where the goal for each stage is to reach the end by driving one of the wonder cars without getting hurt.
  • Colored cubes : The cubes game is one of the most stimulating games for the mind, as it allows the child to experience thinking and inventing new forms, so it develops in him the spirit of creativity.
  • Uno game: The Uno game is considered an intelligence game, as it intends the spirit of competition among children and thinking. It is also very fun, as well as its colorful beginnings.
  • A foldable baby stroller with a sunshade : This stroller is characterized by giving the child comfort and safety, as it is specific and designed in a unique way that takes into account all the comfort methods of the child.
  • Children’s tent: This tent is a fun and unique place for children to play. It is a ball pool for children, and it is also foldable.

There are also figures for characters such as

  • Shanks figure .
  • Luffy figure.
  • Figure of Zoro One Piece character .