Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances

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Computers and the Internet have significantly changed people’s lives in recent years. It has become important in all areas of life. And from this great position that it got, the manufacturers began to manufacture various shapes and types, There are mobile devices, desktop devices, and so on. It is worth noting that it has become used in all matters of life and places such as home and workplaces, as well as in studies, education and entertainment

The importance of computers and the Internet in our lives

  • Its importance in education: Schools and universities are currently relying heavily on computer programs and web technologies in distance learning using graphic images.
  • Its importance at work: We can use computers and internet networks to start our business and work remotely to earn money. Linked In, Facebook, and Amazon sites are sites built using the Internet
  • Its importance in the medical sector: Computers and Internet networks provide a lot of benefit to patients and doctors inside hospitals. It is used to record patient data and patient history. It can also be used to conduct medical research and rapid diagnosis of cases.
  • Its importance in marketing: Computers and Internet networks can also be used to create electronic shopping sites to enable citizens to purchase their needs while they are sitting in their homes.

Given the great importance of computers and internet networks, The TradeZone store provides everything related to computers, including accessories, screens, and spare parts. It also provides everything related to the Internet, such as:

First: Internet network devices:

  • Router from Joe: which provides open internet, It can run up to 64 users at the same time. And it contains the possibility of renewal in the event of the end of the subscription.
  • TP Link Wireless Router : It is the perfect choice for use anywhere, It has a wireless speed of up to 300MB/sec. The Internet can also be shared with 32 mobile devices and laptops.
  • Huawei Portable Wi-Fi: This device is lightweight and pocket-sized. It weighs approximately 72 grams. You can carry it around, And enjoy the wireless network anywhere, whether home, workplace, trips or anywhere you go.

Secondly: Computers and monitors:

  • KMC 75 Smart 4k screen , which is distinguished by its high accuracy and Bluetooth technology, It also supports YouTube and Netflix. And it can be controlled by mobile phone.
  • Xiaomi Mi Stick: It is a smart piece that is small in size and very easy to use. This device converts the regular TV into a smart device. It is also equipped with a remote control.
  • Windows 10 serial key , which facilitates the way to install Windows, Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems that provides many tools and makes your device completely secure.
  • Internet booster: which works to strengthen the Wi-Fi network, It also expands the scope of the Internet to reach every corner of the place where you sit, It is also easy to operate.
  • iPhone cable from Qiwi: which supports fast charging for the iPhone, and this cable is characterized by its strength, durability, and durability. It can also be used to transfer files to and from computers, and its length reaches 1.5 meters, which gives you freedom of movement while charging.

Third: computer accessories:

  • Jerome Wireless Headset: This headset is considered one of the best headphones and is similar to the Apple headset in terms of its quality, shape and specifications. This headset also works on all smart phones such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple, And it can work for 4 hours continuously.
  • coolbell laptop bag available in a size that fits all laptops, It also contains caches to carry more items. It is also heat resistant.
  • Portable charger from Qiwi: It is the fastest charging battery for all devices. It is also distinguished by its modern and attractive shape.

Fourthly: Printer and ink:

  • HP Ink 123: For superior quality document printing, It is also manufactured with anti-counterfeiting technology, And you can get error-free results because it is equipped with warning devices that pump ink at low levels.
  • HP printer , which is characterized by its small size and distinguished laser quality, It is the ideal choice for home and office use to print all your papers and documents in color and black and white on a daily basis.
  • Papyrus: used to write the letters of the Pharaonic alphabet. suitable for the preparation of technical projects, history projects for school students, And it is possible to write and draw on it using pencils, dry pens, oil colors and charcoal.