garden tools

garden tools

أدوات الحديقة

Home gardens are among the most important places that have received great attention in the recent period. Because it has become one of the basics and home decor accessories, Where plants and trees protect the environment from pollution so that individuals can enjoy good health, It also works to provide shade and adjust the temperature. In addition to its aesthetic importance and picturesque landscape, Since the beginning of creation, man searches for a place of reassurance, and then there, and rest from his troubles. This place is the park.

The importance of the garden at home:

  • Shows the beauty of the house and is the front of the house
  • It provides shade and protects the house from the sun’s heat as well as moisturizes the air.
  • Protecting the environment from industrial pollution and purifying it from dust.
  • Reducing the intensity of storms and winds and stabilizing the soil.
  • It is a safe and quiet place for children to play and keep them away from the danger of accidents.
  • A suitable place for harmony, calming nerves and calm.

Arranging and coordinating home gardens is an art that requires extensive knowledge and knowledge of the types of plants and flowers and how to grow and cultivate them. It also requires good taste and creative imagination to reach the desired result. The shape of the garden and the extent of its care is evidence of the family’s interest in it and their good taste.

And due to the special care that the garden needs, Tradezon store provides the most important garden tools that you may need in your home garden.

electronic equipment:

  • Waffle maker from Home Master: to prepare the most delicious and healthy waffle for you and your family at home in a very easy and safe way, By using this heater with elegant shape and perfect small size from Home Master, which was made of the finest materials, It is also equipped with a safety valve to ensure that it is closed and that children do not play with it. It is also made of non-stick materials and does not interact with the waffle, and therefore does not change its taste and color.
  • The tank water cooling air conditioner from PEAR: which cools the water in the tanks and the temperature can be controlled, It is also easy to install and maintain. It automatically shuts off when the water reaches the desired temperature. Compatible with any type of water tank. It is also safe against any electrical short circuit. This unique and distinctive device cools or heats the water as needed. As it cools the water in the summer when it reaches a high temperature that is difficult to bear, It also heats the water in the winter when the temperature drops
  • Portable manual steam iron brand Smasir , which is one of the irons with a good reputation, It is considered one of the best wrinkle removers for clothes, renewing them, and giving them a professional and new look. It can also be used to clean curtains and sofas from dust and stains, and it can also be used to clean window glass. It is also easy, fast and very practical, with a power of up to 1000 watts.
  • Electric sockets: modern and made of the latest technology and the highest quality. and guarantee your safety, It can be used in homes, offices and gardens.
  • Battery life tester: to distinguish between batteries that must be kept and batteries that must be disposed of, Just by placing the battery between the two test points, And it will appear on the screen whether the battery is usable or not.

Hand and power tools:

  • The original 3-circle Chinese lock: made of iron and painted with gold. It is resistant to water, heat and ultraviolet rays.
  • Wood carving chisel set: which consists of four pieces made of the finest materials and equipped with a plastic handle that does not slip during use and withstands knocks when in use. To complete the carpentry work with the highest accuracy and efficiency, Suitable for carpenters and craftsmen who perform work that requires accuracy and high efficiency.
  • Electron: ferrous metal, suitable for mechanical and electrical work, Which is considered one of the basic necessities in every home. It is also necessary for technicians and engineers, It is used to cut wire or strip it from its outer shell safely and easily.
  • 10-Piece Scalpel Set: Designed with premium material construction, Characterized by hardness and wear resistance, Suitable for home use and art projects.


  • Lighting the trekking pole: for lovers of land and outings. high quality, It is equipped with a base to install the hook. It is equipped with a remote control, It can work on a car battery and has strong lighting
  • Waterproof searchlight: suitable for use in places that require protection from fumes, water and dust. It is also used for lighting when diving underwater or when hunting.
  • Feather lampshade: made of the finest raw materials. It is distinguished by its attractive modern appearance. As it is equipped with a cover of attractive and elegant feathers, which goes well with your modern home furnishings and decorations. It is also designed with aesthetic touch to decorate your bedside table, It can also be placed in any corner or place of your home.
  • Table lampshade: that enables you to illuminate your home with a touch of beauty and elegance by adopting an elegant table lamp, It is also equipped with a base that has a modern and elegant design and elegant colors. And the lamp works with one bulb to give you soft and warm lighting. It is also easy to clean.