Electronics has become essential and present in every home with the recent development of science, so that it is indispensable in our daily lives. Electronics have also become used in all human life, from the simplest things that he does to the most complex.

Examples of these devices are: Radio, television, aircraft, refrigerators, computers, medical devices and many other devices.

These devices also have many advantages. However, it also has some drawbacks.

Electronics pluses:

  • Save time, effort and money due to the saving systems that you work on.
  • Shortening the distances between people and countries by using smart phones and computers, as well as making their lives easier and more vital.
  • The approach between languages and dialogue between different countries and societies because it depends on the advantage of translation.
  • It gave people additional means to play and be entertained through the game applications that it provided for people to play at any time.
  • It facilitated distance education and made communication between the student and his teacher very easy.
  • Detecting crimes by installing surveillance cameras, thus maintaining security and safety for individuals.
  • The development of modern industries through the development of various machines.

Electronics cons:

  • Many people do not know how to use it correctly, and therefore they need prior knowledge.
  • It is subject to continuous damage and therefore continuous maintenance.
  • Reducing people’s communication and meeting because of their dependence on electronic communication.
  • Privacy penetration and personal data theft easily.
  • Consuming a lot of electricity and thus increasing the burden of paying bills.
  • Increasing the unemployment rate because it took the human place in many jobs.

Tajer Zone store provides many electronic devices such as:


  • 40-inch Gold Tech screen: It has the feature of improving colors and saving energy, It also allows you to connect more than one device to the screen. It also features stereo speakers and a sound filtering feature.
  • Dansat Smart screen: which is characterized by its economical price compared to other screens. It is also distinguished by the sharpness of the picture and the pure sound outputs. It can be connected to a mobile phone, the Internet, or loudspeakers. The Saudi Dansat Company provides this screen in all sizes. It also provides a normal and smart screen.
  • A device that converts a regular TV into a smart TV, Any Cast : which displays the contents of the smartphone on the screen without any connections, This device is characterized by accuracy, clarity, and ease of operation in a few seconds. The device works on iPhone, Android and laptops.
  • Home projector: with great features and easy to carry, And you can share photos and videos easily, It is also ideal for children to play games, watch cartoons, listen to music and educational videos. It can be connected to TV, computer and laptop.

home entertainment systems :

  • Xiaomi brand speaker: which has a sound quality of 6 watts, It is equipped with an internal microphone to make calls without holding the phone by hand. And the battery capacity reaches 13 hours. It is compatible with many different devices.
  • Login speaker: suitable for parties and events, It also contains illuminations and lights that add some fun and joy during the celebration. It allows you to listen to songs by connecting your mobile phone to Bluetooth. And you can control the volume and change the music through your phone.

Musical instruments:

  • Slade brand hooked soprano saxophone : This instrument is characterized by its small size and light weight. It reaches a length of 40 cm. and 10 cm wide, It is also characterized by precision in manufacture, which gives you a very wonderful tone and sound.

Electrical appliances:

  • The upgraded ice cream maker: to prepare healthy and delicious ice cream for your children and all your family in record time. It enables you to prepare ice cream with different flavors.
  • The lens of the Mali T3 laser device for hair removal: which is the perfect alternative to clinic lasers with high quality and similar results. In addition to saving money and maintaining privacy.
  • Smart Electronic Lock (Kelon): for internal and external doors, It has a unique design and a long life due to the quality of the materials it is made of. It is also equipped with an 8-second auto-lock feature.
  • Electric water compress: which is used to relieve pain and menstrual cramps.
  • Relax Tone , a fat-breaking and massage device: which burns fat and slims the body. It can be used as a body massager and to clean the feet.
  • Electric massage pen: manufactured with modern techniques of massage with electric pulses to massage the whole body, It is also used to relieve pain and muscle spasms.


  • Rock Pods 2 : Stereo sound quality, It also supports wireless charging. It works up to 3 and a half hours continuously. And it is equipped with a microphone for calls, and it is equipped with a free protection cover.
  • The original Lenovo AirPods are waterproof.
  • Original Toshiba bluetooth headset.
  • Headphones from Joyroom TO3 Pro.