an introduction

This agreement includes all the details of completing the sale process through the Tajer Zone website. which operates in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, Together, they are referred to as the “Site Agreement”.

(1) Create a seller account

Before proceeding to create a seller account, you must read and agree to the full usage agreement.

As a seller, you must not register under a pseudonym or impersonate any other seller. Also, do not use the account name and passwords of other vendors.

It is required to provide us with all the information required to be entered on the site or that we will request later.

When creating a seller account, you must submit all papers, papers, and documents proving your capacity and commercial identity in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You acknowledge that you have extracted it from its legitimate sources, You provide it to us at your own risk.

You must deal with passwords, username and any other information that we provide you with strict confidentiality, You are solely responsible for using your account on the site. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the account in order to preserve the site or the rights of users.

By creating a seller account, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, Sales Agreement, Privacy Policy and all other policies and agreements, all our practices, description of services on the site, guidelines and any special or regulatory terms or conditions of services related to the services provided and other terms that we may make available from time to time or that are related to the provision of our services , All of which are an integral part of the Site Use Agreement.

(2) Legal representation and nature of service

The contracting party of MerchantZone is MerchantZone Company, It is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its commercial registration number is 2251115329.

On our part, we provide the site to work on the internet using computers and mobile devices for the purposes of displaying your products to customers and completing buying and selling operations through the site.

The seller expressly acknowledges that we do not own the products or their inventory at any time or stage, It is the sole property of the seller. Our role is limited to mediation between the seller and the buyer.

You and the contracting parties of TraderZone are independent contractors in the performance of your work, and each of you represents himself only, And there are no terms, agreements or representations in the site conditions contained herein that may give rise to any kind of partnership, joint venture, agency or franchise, or indicate the existence of a sales representative or a business relationship between us.

You know and acknowledge that you have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf, The terms of the site do not entail any exclusive relationship between us.

You know that nothing in this Usage Agreement shall be construed, expressly or by implication, as giving any person other than the parties to this Usage Agreement any legal right under or relating to this Agreement.

You expressly declare that all representations, warranties, covenants, terms and conditions set forth in this Usage Agreement are hereby set forth in favor of the exclusive benefit of the Site, the Seller and the Customers.

You will be liable to third parties for all obligations relating to the use of a third-party service that you allow us to use on your behalf; We use it at your own risk. Therefore, you are bound by the terms and conditions of this service.

You are prohibited from making any statements that contradict, in whole or in part, the User Agreement.

(3) Seller’s obligations

If you are a company or an establishment, you acknowledge that the company is in a good legal and financial position and that it is carrying out its activities normally. It has not been declared bankrupt nor is it under judicial receivership.

You acknowledge that the company or establishment carries out its activities under a commercial registry and approved licenses issued in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You acknowledge that you are legally authorized to engage in selling activity through our site and we do not verify this and it is your sole responsibility.

You acknowledge that you have all the legal powers and authorities that qualify you to enter into, agree to, or implement the User Agreement, or to grant rights and assume obligations accordingly, You are obligated to keep us informed of all new developments in your legal status.

You acknowledge that you have all the necessary powers and licenses to sell each of the products that you offer through the site, You also represent that the Products are owned by you or that you are legally authorized to sell them on behalf of the Owner.

You acknowledge that the products comply with the applicable quality and safety standards and that they are legally authorized to be traded in accordance with the specifications that you announce through the site, And that selling them through the site does not conflict with any applicable laws.

You, as a seller, are fully responsible for the products that you offer for sale through the site. You bear responsibility for breaching or violating contracts concluded with third parties.

You warrant that the Products you are selling are original, uncooked, unused, new and free from apparent or hidden defects.

We only allow you to use our services for lawful and legitimate purposes, You agree not to use the Site other than for the purposes stated in the policies or through the Site.

You undertake that your products are identical to the products advertised and the images published on the site on your product selling pages.

You undertake not to publish any false or misleading information or advertisements about your products or violate any of the rights of others, including intellectual property rights, commercial rights and trademarks.

We may ask you for additional safeguards for potentially dangerous products, hazards to the public health and safety of individuals, And you undertake to provide us with these guarantees before offering the products for sale through the site, You bear all legal responsibilities for these products.

The products offered for sale through the site must comply with all laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We reserve the right to refuse to offer any products that we believe may cause us legal problems or harm users, And so at any given time.

You undertake not to sell products that are illegal, unhealthy, prohibited for sale, unsafe, or which are available only by prescription or doctor’s advice, You should review the guidelines pages before displaying products on our site.

As a seller, you must comply with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the laws of electronic commerce and consumer protection laws, You release us, our employees, representatives and agents from liability against third parties and bear all responsibilities arising from third party claims if you violate the aforementioned laws and regulations or if you do not comply with the terms, conditions, sales agreement and policies you agreed to through the site. or if the claims relate to your Products including that the Products do not conform to specifications or violate intellectual property or other rights or if they result in injury or death to any person or loss of property, reputation or goodwill, or you fail to pay taxes levied on the Products; And you must obtain our approval regarding the legal counsel that you have used, and if we see at any time that it is not appropriate, we have the right to manage the defense and contract with the appropriate legal counsel, You may not accept any settlement without our consent, In all cases, you acknowledge as a seller that you bear all responsibilities, claims, and material and moral losses in the face of third parties and in our confrontation, and in this case we have the right to withhold your money due from sales through the site until the legal situation is settled.

In the event that you violate the above conditions, we are urged to return the products to you, charge you with all fees and expenses that were paid, cancel your membership, and close your account on the site.

(4) Terms and conditions of buying and selling through “Tajer Zone”

You must ensure that your products do not cause personal injury, property damage or other damage.

You must present your valid and updated commercial registration or commercial license if you conduct your activity through the site as a commercial entity (company / institution), at the time of request from us.

You must present your updated passport or national ID and the registration page on the Maroof website if you are carrying out your activity through the website as a natural person.

You must provide all required warranties and maintenance for products that you offer for sale through the Site in accordance with applicable laws, consumer protection provisions, and our guidelines and instructions.

You are fully responsible for after-sales services, including warranties, guarantees, maintenance, and any defects that may appear in the products that you sold through the site. According to the applicable laws, We may do this on your behalf.

You must bring, display, sell and fulfill your products, in each case, According to the terms of the order, shipping data, site conditions, and all specifications and conditions provided by you, if we agree to them, And you assume all responsibilities in this regard.

You must fulfill your product orders through one of our approved shipping companies, Which we will inform you about and its data through your seller account.

You must package your Products in a commercial and reasonable manner and comply with all applicable packaging and labeling requirements.

You must cancel sales of your Products through the Site in accordance with the applicable policies and terms.

You must execute sales orders throughout the Kingdom, except for areas that are prohibited from entering under applicable laws and decisions or according to the terms of the site.

You must comply with all instructions of the producers or manufacturers of the products that you sell through the site, including the date on which the products or their information were made available for sale, the date of their delivery, or other conditions.

You must only dispose of the products that belong to you, and not act on behalf of another person without our consent.

You must print and attach the Bill of Lading to each order on each shipment of your Products, As well as attaching the sales invoice, taxes and value-added tax, This is in addition to clearly defining yourself as the seller and owner of the product in the packaging card so that it is easier for the customer to refer to you or return the product to you.

You as a seller should not communicate with customers, whether by mail, telephone or any other means of communication, Commitment to follow the means of communication in force on the site.

You must ship each of your products, At your expense or the customer’s expense (in agreement with us), On or before any of the following:

(i) the end of the period available for shipment (which starts from the date the relevant order is placed by the customer) or the date when the shipment becomes available, as applicable, which you specify in the relevant inventory/product data for your product; or

(ii) In the event that you do not specify shipping availability information in the said inventory / products data or if your product is classified under the category of products that require BLOM to be shipped within three working days from the date of placing the relevant order by the customer and you agree to our right to collect any Loss incurred or incurred by us if:

your delay in delivery time; or

cancellation of a confirmed customer order;

Retrieving order data and shipping information for any of your products that were ordered through the site to comply with your obligations under these site terms.

This user agreement applies to all transactions and activities that take place through the site. Also, in the event that we are notified in any way, whether by users or non-users, trademark owners, sellers, or through courts, administrative or governmental agencies, that the products violate intellectual property rights or any other commercial or non-commercial rights as applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs, know-how, trade secrets, or the validity and right to register any such rights on the Site, We have the full right to remove product listings, dispose of or deliver products in our warehouses according to our vision or at the seller’s request to remove the products within a reasonable period of time, provided that the request is sent in writing or by e-mail.

We are under no obligation to return any information, materials or documents to you during the execution of the User Agreement or even after the termination of this Agreement or the suspension or termination of the Seller Account, We have the right at any time to amend and introduce new business rules, set the necessary guidelines, and remove products that violate these new conditions.

(5) Fee and Payment Policy

Tajer Zone imposes a transaction fee of 10% of each transaction, unless otherwise stipulated or agreed upon. It is pure and does not include any type of tax. Whether it is direct taxes or indirect taxes.

The seller is obligated to pay all government taxes imposed on the products he sells through the site. Also, pay all interest and related fines.

We may obtain credit reports from your credit card issuer, And calculate any amounts due and deduct from them all amounts due.

Fees are charged and paid in the currency indicated on the site or on the services pages or in the seller’s account, Unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.

If the fees payable by the seller are subject to indirect taxes, In this case, indirect taxes shall be calculated by MerchantZone in addition to the fees payable under this Agreement. The seller undertakes to provide all information related to the collection of indirect taxes.

The site deducts the shipping fees incurred by it in connection with the delivery of products from the seller to the customer before disbursing the payment due to the seller during the relevant month.

In any case, the site will make deductions and payments to the seller after the successful delivery of the product, no later than 14 days from the date of delivery as a maximum, Then the seller can request the transfer of his dues to his bank account.

The site’s obligation is limited to transferring the money it received from the buyer less commissions and any debts, expenses or fees due.

The seller shall bear all types of material losses incurred by the site if it is found that the product is counterfeit, refurbished, or not original, or if the seller practices any fraudulent actions regarding it.

The seller undertakes to review the fee and payment policy from time to time, His use of the site constitutes acceptance of this policy and its amendments.

(6) Terms and conditions for product delivery and returns

The seller is committed to the return and exchange policy approved by the site on the warranty and return page. He undertakes to return the price at his own expense.

The controls stipulated in the guarantee and return page apply to the return of products. Our customer support team will coordinate the process of returning the products to the seller, Here, the seller is obligated to return the full amount paid.

The seller undertakes and undertakes to accept the return of the product if the return is in accordance with the controls stipulated in the return policy. We will return the product to you at your shipping address. If this address becomes not identical to the current address and that you did not provide us with your new address or we could not reach this address, then this is considered an authorization and waiver from you for the products, Therefore, we have the right to dispose of it in any way.

As a seller, you undertake to compensate us for all losses and expenses incurred by the site regarding the return or storage of products.

You agree that if at any time we consider products to be hazardous to health and safety or we have or undertake legal obligations we will dispose of them in any way, In all cases, ownership of the products shall be transferred to us free of charge.

You authorize us to accept cancellations, returns, refunds, make all settlements according to the return policy, represent you before the buyer in this regard, and acknowledge your approval of any actions we take in this regard, and settle all amounts owed to customers accordingly, You undertake to pay all costs and losses incurred by us for doing so, Or we deduct it directly from your account on the site.

The seller acknowledges all errors related to the delivery, non-conformity or theft of the products, Unless the fault is due to us, such as credit card fraud, or our failure to provide you with shipping information or order details, Otherwise, you, as a seller, are responsible for all cases of non-delivery, error in delivery, error during execution, error in packaging, error in shipment, or any other errors that would result in the customer not receiving the product as agreed.

(7) Intellectual property rights

We have the right to use, use, copy, distribute, modify and disclose any content, information, materials, images or trademarks that you upload through the Website, You as a seller acknowledge that you have the full right to authorize and license us to use them.

The license granted by you is non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide and irrevocable under which we also have the right to create derivative works from your intellectual property content.

We have the right to exploit all the content of the seller commercially or non-commercially, and that we license these rights to our affiliates, With the right of the seller to keep the form of the trademark without change or modification, Except as required to display the tag.

The Site may use Seller’s Material at any time without obtaining the seller’s specific consent to the extent such use is permitted without the need for authorization from the seller or its affiliates under applicable law.

On the other hand, the license granted to you is limited to using our services only.

(8) Amendments

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, the sales agreement and all policies related to our services at any time without obtaining your consent, These modifications shall become effective once they are posted on the site or a notification is sent to you via the e-mail registered with us. You undertake to review the new amendments and your use of the site is your acceptance of them.

In the event that you reject the new amendments, you must not continue to use the site.

You undertake as a seller not to modify any of our terms, conditions and policies, It is our exclusive right.

We do not guarantee that the site will work permanently and we do not guarantee that the site will continue to work or that you will be able to access it.

The seller acknowledges that we have the right to technically update the site and make all modifications and upgrades to the site, its features or services.

The site has the right to make changes to the services it provides if we deem it necessary. or in compliance with applicable laws.

(9) Limitation of our liability

The site as well as its services and all its contents are provided “as is” and each person is responsible for his obligations under the User Agreement. You acknowledge that we are not responsible with you for the implementation of your obligations and that no joint relationship is established between us in any way.

The seller uses the site and the services provided on it at his own risk without providing any guarantees from us.

The site does not make any guarantees regarding the implementation by any party of the user agreement or any terms of service.

The site does not make any guarantees related to the merchantability of the products or their suitability for particular purposes or any other guarantees regarding their non-infringement, The site also makes no other implied warranties regarding the use of the site or the performance of the user agreement.

The site does not offer any kind of compensation as a result of any unintentional negligence on our part.

We do not warrant that the Service will be error-free, that it will be available at all times, that it will be secure, or that it will be uninterrupted, Including site, server or system failures that may affect the conclusion or execution of transactions or the use of payment methods.

We do not get involved in any transactions of the seller and the customer, Accordingly, the parties, including the seller and the customer, relieve the TraderZone website and our employees from any claims related to damages that occurred to any of them of any kind as a result of using the site or due to the provision of services. Our liability does not exceed those stipulated in the User Agreement or in the contracts to which we are a party, In all cases, the amounts of compensation that we are committed to will not exceed the amounts paid to the seller during a period of one month prior to the claim in connection with the service in question.

Each party shall take all reasonable steps to mitigate the losses and damages it incurs as a result of any claim or action (whether due to negligence, breach of contract, incorrect statements, under any indemnity or otherwise) established by him against the other party, This is except where the claim relates to non-compliance with the payment of fees.

(10) Protection and disclosure of transaction information

You acknowledge that the information related to us and our services that you receive while using our services is confidential information that you may not disclose or use except to the extent necessary to benefit from the services. And provided that the persons to whom you disclose this information use it in accordance with the controls and obligations that you assume.

You acknowledge that all confidential information referred to is proprietary to us.

You undertake to take all necessary measures to protect confidential information and not to disclose it in any way.

You may not make any statements or statements relating to our confidential information or the use of our site, services, brands or affiliates in any way without our express consent.

We reserve the right to report all your activities if we believe that they violate applicable laws. This is to the competent or law enforcement or judicial authorities, This right includes all your information, transaction information, means of contacting you, IP address, account data, data traffic information, content publication history, and usage history.

The seller is obligated to protect all customer information that is accessed during or due to the implementation of services through the site.

You must not use transaction information for marketing and promotional purposes or in violation of the Privacy Policy or applicable laws.

You are prohibited from communicating with any customer for the purpose of collecting the amounts owed for any products you have sold through the site or to conduct other deals or alternative deals.

You must not use the information to defame us, disparage us, or offend us or our affiliates in any way.

You can communicate with customers according to the means and communication techniques specified by us, And that communication takes place for the purposes of implementing the agreement and completing the sale of products in a way that does not harm the customer or the site.

(11) Risk management

We may stop providing services temporarily or permanently as well as suspend access to the seller’s account on the site in case of danger to users or their money or risks of violating the law, including but not limited to (Seller’s violation of the Usage Agreement, The seller’s non-cooperation with the site regarding our investigations, If we believe that continuing to provide the Services would expose us, our vendors or customers to security risks or governmental administrative measures, If we see that the performance of the seller does not meet the expectations of the site for the performance of services and customer satisfaction).

The site is not responsible for any delay or non-performance of any of our obligations under the usage agreement in the event of force majeure, public events or other matters beyond our control.

(12) Validity, execution and termination of the User Agreement

The user agreement begins from the date you use the site, create an account on the site, or sign a contract with us stating that.

The User Agreement shall remain in effect unless terminated by us or you, We may terminate the User Agreement, in whole or in part, at any time and without cause, with fifteen days prior notice to the Sellers.

After termination of the agreement, you will not be able to access the seller’s account. This will not in any way affect any rights or obligations due to the parties to the agreement. or over any provision of this Agreement that would have entered into force or continued after termination, or the effects of the User Agreement and the obligations arising therefrom, Or requires recourse to court or the issuance of an injunction.

At the end of the agreement, the seller is obligated to refund all of our property that he received for the purposes of carrying out his obligations, including confidential information and all materials and data related to customers.

We can at any time exercise our rights under the User Agreement, We can only waive it in writing.

Failure to exercise or delay in exercising our rights shall not constitute a waiver of those rights.

With the exception of the companies and persons affiliated with us and the parties to this agreement, no third party may enforce any of the terms of the usage agreement.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the other terms of this User Agreement shall remain legal and enforceable in any jurisdiction.

This usage agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the site and you and supersedes any previous agreements between the parties. The parties acknowledge that in agreeing to this Agreement they have not relied on any representations, warranties, contracts or other representations.

The parties to this Agreement may not assign any of their rights or obligations without our written consent. However, we may assign this User Agreement to any of our affiliates or authorize others to exercise or assign our rights when our assets are merged, sold, or reorganized.

(13) Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law

This User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Any dispute, claim or disagreement arising out of or in connection with this User Agreement shall be referred to the officials of both parties to the dispute. If 30 days have passed without a settlement of the dispute, The dispute shall be referred to the commercial courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

(14) Notifications

For the purposes of implementing this Agreement, you must send and deliver all notices, approvals, requests, credits, or otherwise to the relevant MerchantZone contracting party referred to in this Agreement, and that the notification is in writing to the address of the MerchantZone contracting party and is received by a MerchantZone employee, We shall be deemed to have received this notice three days after the date the employee signed his receipt from the postman.

For the purposes of implementing this Agreement we may notify you in writing either by e-mail or at the address you have provided to us, It is deemed that you have received the notice as soon as it is sent electronically or as soon as it is delivered for transmission manually.

(15) Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the User Agreement, please contact us via e-mail or contact us via WhatsApp at the following number: 0557288824.