الملابس الرجالية

We can define the e-shopping process as the process of using a web browser to buy all the products and commodities you want to buy after seeing them on e-shopping sites. Then deliver it to your door.

The sales of these sites have reached billions of dollars. It is believed that it is obvious that women are the most users of these sites and their love for online shopping. However, we found a large number of men who are interested in these sites and shop from them constantly.


Why do men prefer online shopping?

The reason behind men’s preference for online shopping over traditional shopping:

  • The man’s unwillingness to leave the house: The man wants to buy his needs without leaving the house. It was found that 75% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer to shop online rather than go shopping.
  • Save time in online shopping: It is well known that women love to shop for long hours without getting bored. However, the man wants to buy his needs in the first minutes of shopping. Numerous studies have shown that men feel bored 26 minutes after the start of shopping.
  • The possibility of communicating with buyers and submitting questions: the man prefers to look at the reviews and opinions of buyers on online shopping sites. In addition to his ability to communicate with the buyer via mobile phone or e-mail.
  • Not being under pressure during the purchase: When a man buys any product over the Internet, he is calm and relaxed. He looks at the details with ease. He can also know the opinions of others if he wants to inquire.
  • The possibility of shopping via a mobile phone: as the electronic shopping process is no longer necessarily associated with the computer and the office. However, you can shop through your mobile phone.


The increasing demand for men on online shopping sites:

In recent studies conducted by online shopping sites, it was found that men are more popular with them than women, as:

  • Men who use online shopping sites between the ages of 25: 49 years old.
  • The percentage of men who do online shopping is 84.3%, while the percentage of men is 77%.
  • The average men’s purchase from online shopping sites is 5.4, while the percentage of women’s purchase is 7.1. However, it was found that men spend about 10 euros more on each purchase than women.
  • Men are more rational than women in the online shopping process. Where a man buys his needs only after continuous reading about all the details of the product, While women buy products they don’t like just for the purpose of experimenting.


“Tajer Zone” and men’s fashion:

The Trader Zone store provides many pieces, clothes and shoes that the Arab man is looking for and wants to buy. Where he provides Arab clothes, And pants, shirts, club shirts, shorts and uniforms.

These are the most important clothes and brands provided by Tajer Zone:

Arab clothes:

  • The man is keen to always appear in a decent appearance at all times in order to grab attention and strengthen his self-confidence.
  • Arab clothing represents a large part of the personality of the Arab man and is a symbol for every Arab citizen.

Of the available and best-selling Arab clothing on the Tajer Zone website:

  • Tamimi Fabrics “Japanese Bouquet”: It is one of the best types of clothing fabrics woven with precision, craftsmanship, and great care.
  • Amiri Zari, a German summer coverall, from the brand Qabtan: It is one of the best brands in the production of men’s capes with a variety of distinctive embroidery.
  • German Zari Square Bisht, Qobtan brand.
  • The shemagh is one of the important costumes of the Arab countries, which gives the man a look full of pride, pride and greatness. The shemagh is available on the Tajer Zone store with various brands, such as:


  • Shemagh from the Mont Blanc brand: it is a luxurious shemagh. high quality printing, worthy of your distinguished presence, And with a guarantee of 3 months.
  • Burberry shemagh made of natural cotton with the best international manufacturing methods and designed according to the highest European standards.
  • Shemagh Dior made of the finest cotton, It also provides comfort and coolness in the summer and winter seasons. And suitable for all age groups.
  • The shemagh is also available in other brands such as:
    • Givenchy.
    • Valentino.
    • Cartier.
    • George Armney.
    • gucci.


Men are always looking for comfortable shorts that are made of comfortable, high-quality materials and have an attractive appearance. Shorts from distinguished brands such as Bossini are available in Tajer Zone store .


Sportswear and club kits are now staples in every man’s wardrobe; Because men love to play sports, especially football.

Sportswear and club kits are available on the Tajer Zone website, such as:

  • Club sets with high quality pants
  • Liverpool kit 2021.
  • Black union kit.
  • Man City basic kit.

And other club kits.


Shirts, trousers, formal suits, blazers and T-shirts are also available. In addition to underwear.