Fashion and online shopping

ملابس نسائية رياضية

Fashion is one of the most active sectors in terms of the volume of online purchases in recent years. It is no secret that fashion occupies a space for men and women alike, but it also includes children, both boys and girls. Fashion includes many sub-categories such as: Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and much more.

Fashion and e-commerce

  • The volume of sales of the global apparel market through e-commerce platforms and websites is estimated at about $713 billion in 2022.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outperforms all countries in the Arab region. Where it leads the sales of the fashion and fashion sector, Therefore, this sector is considered one of the most important investment sectors in the field of e-commerce.
  • Statistics indicate that about 46% of online clothing purchases were made through the use of smart phones. While the remaining 44% of purchases were made through laptops.
  • Among the developments in the field of buying fashion and clothing via the Internet is the spread of the idea of buying and paying later, as well as the spread of virtual reality technology, which enhances the shopping experience for the shopper.

The elegance of men in Saudi Arabia

  • A man is always keen, and on all occasions, to appear decent in order to receive attention and attention and to enhance his self-confidence.
  • The shemagh is part of the identity of the Saudi man, and it is a national symbol that every Saudi citizen is proud of.
  • One of the most famous types of shemagh in Saudi Arabia. shemagh givenchy, famous english brand, It is a distinctive shemagh made of 100% pure cotton to give you a look of pride and prestige.
  • also a car shemagh, This is a British brand. It guarantees you the quality, accuracy and color stability of the shemagh to appear in its best image.
  • Men in Saudi Arabia are keen on diversity in their clothes between shirts and trousers, as well as clothes of a classic and casual nature. According to the occasion or work environment.

Men’s accessories

  • The Saudi man is a model in his elegance and appearance. Therefore, just as he carefully selects his clothes, he is also keen to choose what complements his elegance by choosing his garment accessories and hand accessories from various brands.

Among the best-selling accessories on Amazon:

  • Snapback baseball cap
  • Timberland leather belt
  • Cotton baseball cap, the material is from the Jiaojie brand
  • Rubens reading glasses
  • Hand bracelet from the Yellow Chimneys brand
  • Magnet or titanium bracelet
  • Various rings of silver, stainless steel and titanium in various shapes and colors and from different brands, including: Yellow Chimneys
  • Cufflinks or as they may be called Cufflinks, Various attractive designs. Of silver and golden colour.

Men’s sportswear

  • Today, many men and young people are keen to practice sports regularly through many specialized sports centers spread in all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as sports clubs.
  • Brands vary in quality and price. But we mention the most famous ones, such as: Adidas, Arena, Body Sculpture, COEGA, Converse, and Puma.

Dear man who is interested in playing sports, we recommend some specifications for your sportswear:

  • It is made of a fabric that has small holes.
  • Made of non-irritating material.
  • Avoid wearing shorts made of polyester.
  • When you go to the gym or gym, you can wear what we call a tracksuit and be sure to wear a T-shirt that makes you feel comfortable. Also, don’t forget loose-fitting shorts and enjoy your workout.

Women’s fashion

  • Saudi women are keen to appear decent and elegant on all occasions. It is keen to follow fashion news and the latest trends and lines of international designers.
  • Among the most popular categories of women’s fashion: Turkish women’s fashion.
  • Turkish women’s fashion varies in terms of colors, designs, materials used, and the brands that own them.

Among the famous Turkish brands in the fashion world:

  • Mavi, which means blue in Turkish, The brand is known for its high quality jeans.
  • clothing came, A brand that specializes in trendy women’s clothing including T-shirts, dresses and shorts.
  • trendyol, A distinguished brand that offers you, Madam, what you need in terms of party dresses, as well as a distinguished group of accessories that increase your beauty and elegance.

clothes for veiled women

  • Women in Saudi Arabia adhere to the modest national dress. Therefore, she is keen to wear the hijab, especially outside the home.
  • Among the most popular categories of veiled clothing: Turkish veiled clothes, as well as casual veiled clothes.
  • Turkish veiled dresses help you look modern and elegant without being overbearing.
  • When you buy clothes of Turkish origin, you will get high quality with a modern and comfortable design, all at an affordable price.
  • Likewise, the clothes of veiled women of Turkish origin, with wide cuts, help you to appear beautiful and remarkable, with a sense of comfort in movement and in carrying out your activities at work or outside the home.

Among the most famous brands of Turkish origin that specialize in veiled clothing:

  • Pink
  • Armina
  • Zoom in
  • Kaira
  • stream

women shoes

  • A woman’s elegance is not complete without her shoes, which she is keen to choose very carefully to appear attractive and decent, and to feel comfortable, as required by the occasion and the nature of the place.
  • Some of the most requested categories for online shopping for women’s shoes are: Women’s sports shoes.

Among the famous brands that Madam offers you many shoe options:

  • adidas, German brand, Where it offers you a model of distinctive running shoes that help you burn calories while running, which is a Light Racer CLAN shoe.
  • fitflop, Dear Lulu slide sandal for hiking offers you elegance, softness and an attractive appearance at the same time.
  • dkny, Madam offers you sandals with heels, which is a high heel for a formal and elegant look, to make you look remarkable on your special and special occasions.
  • new balance, The American brand of quality and global reach, which offers many designs of modern sneakers.

women bags

  • A woman’s elegance is not complete without her handbag or handbag. Whether she is heading to an official event or a family occasion, a woman cannot forget her handbag, which in turn increases her attractiveness and brilliance.

One of the most important brands of women’s bags or handbags, Madam, we offer you the following:

  • gucci, The well-known brand, which is characterized by the production of many women’s bags with modern designs that suit you at all times, It features a range of attractive, high-quality accessories.
  • dolce and gabbana, Italian brand, It offers you many options of handbags in various colors and sizes.
  • prada, The famous brand, which combines the designs of women’s handbags that it offers between elegance, sophistication and simplicity of shape, making it easy to wear at all times and occasions.

It suffices for you to know, dear reader, that more than 900 million Saudi riyals were spent during the first week of April for the current year 2022, according to the report of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, in the fashion and footwear sector, so that the trend and interest by shop owners and electronic platforms in investing, especially in the fashion and fashion sector and products, increases. .