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What is e-marketing?

It is the strategy that is used to organize the methods of modern communication technology. and he

name (digital marketing), This is by converting

branch of general marketing, It is also called

virtual market into reality, E-marketing is an important part of the strategy

Whatever type of marketing method it seeks to achieve

modern comprehensive marketing, It is considered a type

targets online.

What are the advantages of e-marketing?

• Continuous interaction and the ability to significantly develop the relationship with customers.

• With e-marketing, you gain customer loyalty and achieve mutual benefit.

• Ease of obtaining any information related to the product, and the possibility of obtaining

commodity in a short period of time, Pushing boundaries no matter where you are

The commodity, which leads to the entry of the commodity to the world and its popularity in a rapid manner.

Opening the way for everyone to e-marketing, This is not limited to companies

known huge, It is the participation of the average individual or small company in marketing

Easily .

• The ability to order the commodity directly by sending a request through the website

the company’s email, As for traditional marketing, it is not possible to order the commodity

directly through customers.

• Easier: It does not require any complications, routines and interviews, just create an account on

The competent platform to start marketing.

• Faster: Your products start appearing for buyers moments after they review them

and publish it.

E-marketing creates a new market

E-marketing does not recognize the limits of time and place. And then you can create a market with it

new, And get more new potential customers.

Pillars of e-marketing:


Plans and Strategies:

Marketing plans and strategies is one of the important elements in marketing operations, as it is the most important

What distinguishes e-marketing is that it works within a set of systematic strategies and plans

When developing this plan, it must include all aspects on which marketing operations will be based

The electronic plan must include the budget and the methods that will be implemented

For marketing and promoting products, and when you draw up marketing plans and strategies, it is preferable to

It is developed and drawn by a group of experts and specialists in the field of e-marketing

In order to be placed as fully as possible to suit your business.

Data and information:

Every element of e-marketing is important in marketing operations and plans cannot be made

And marketing strategies without these elements, and one of the most important of these elements on which marketing is based

Electronic data is the element of data and information, without which marketing strategies or plans cannot be made

The element of data and information, as what distinguishes e-marketing is that it is based on a basis of

Data and information through which marketing strategies and plans are based

The base of data and information, and this base includes information and data about the producing company

Knowing the possibilities and opportunities available to it, as well as information about the target customers and other information

About competitors and the competitive market, and this rule is the basis of all marketing operations

To marketer to work without this base of data and information.

Electronic methods:

The tools and methods on which e-marketing is based, as what distinguishes e-marketing

It implements all marketing operations and plans through modern electronic methods that are distinguished

With modern and advanced technology, in addition to the tools that you have within it, such as online marketing

Email, paid advertising, free advertising, and website marketing

Social and social networking and mobile marketing are all means in which implementation is carried out

All marketing plans and strategies.

Comparisons between electronic marketing and traditional marketing:

The cost incurred by companies in displaying products through e-marketing is lower in comparison

With the high cost of traditional marketing (newspapers, television, magazines, etc….)

Communication in e-marketing is accurate and easier due to the use of information technology and its tools

And permanent and periodic communication, such as sending messages and following up on customers. The traditional marketing is

Communication through it is somewhat difficult because it is limited to time and place


The size of the segment The number of customers in the electronic network is very large because the marketing is local and global

Traditional marketing serves a specific segment of customers or people

Previewing the products There is difficulty in previewing the product because it depends on viewing the image as it was obtained

Getting a sample is somewhat difficult compared to traditional marketing, as it is to preview the product and obtain a sample


Follow-up on feedback Customers’ responses and questions can be followed through the social pages or

Websites are directly involved in electronic marketing, but the traditional one is difficult to follow

Data collection E-marketing interacts with customers and facilitates the process of collecting customer data or

The visitor and his interest in the product. Traditional marketing is a more difficult and stressful task

Follow-up of orders E-marketing enables the customer to order the product at any time and place

Through electronic tools (smart phone – computer), as for the traditional one, it is relatively difficult

The most important results that have been reached

E-marketing has helped companies to enter international markets in an easy way

Difficulties, especially since the Internet is available to everyone

The importance of electronic marketing in customer service and its ability to give great information about the commodity

through the internet

Using the Internet reduces a wide range of costs, such as distribution costs

warehousing and merchandising, This will result in a reduction in the price compared to the price in the case of

traditional marketing

The possibility of reducing the price in e-marketing gives an important advantage in competition with

that traditionally marketed Shirk

Pricing is of great importance in e-marketing, although most companies do not set prices

Their products are clearly visible on the net, but the companies that set their prices help the recipient

study its budget

One of the most important reasons consumers tend to shop online is the reduction in search time

R, Also, commodities and the presence of many alternatives are available on the computer screen

The lowest price and this is what we saw through the survey of Internet users in America, whereas

The most common reason for buying online is low prices


The need to do electronic marketing to reach consumers on the network, any

Entering the electronic market, which is constantly increasing in size with the increasing number of subscribers

with the internet, And increase their confidence and conviction of the benefit achieved by purchasing through it

Ease of sending promotions for specific events or offers to liquidate a product

E-marketing helps to keep your customers constantly aware of your services and products

Marketing mix

Marketing elements have changed due to information and communication technology which has introduced new mechanisms in

Marketing operations as the Internet to become eight elements

Product: Product. 1

E-marketing helps the flow of information about different products, and there is no doubt that saving a lot

A huge amount of information for each customer about the products in which he deals and comparison while leading to an increase and

As a result, organizations have had to make adjustments to the traditional product development process

Which involves first defining the product concept and then designing the implementation process

Some organizations to innovate the so-called flexible process for product development and elements of this process


Sensing the Market: •

This element is the organization’s knowledge of the extent to which the product design responds to the needs and requirements

These institutions resort to a number of innovative methods that ensure a state of flow

continuous information

• Customer Interactive Database.

• Electronic data exchange systems between companies and customers Customer – to – Business

.Electronic Data Interchange

• NewsGroups, for example, Netscape Company, known for its manufacturing

The company confirmed that a sector of its clients was involved in the development of its famous product, the web browser

This product would not have been possible without customer feedback.

Technical Testing:

Testing of alternative technologies is of great importance in establishing the path of any development project

A major challenge in the process of developing one of its products and after the company has made Dynamics of Products (Product Dynamics)


• Integration of customer needs with customer needs integrating technical solutions

with technicalities

The agile product development process is based on a customer-oriented philosophy that recognizes the need to include

The real needs and desires of customers in the product under development

Presenting technical solutions to the Microsoft group (leading companies in the field of software such as

Selected customers through extranets, which are networks that serve as personal means of communication

exchanged between these companies and customers and consumers.

2/ Distribution:

Distributing products using electronic mechanisms eliminates the distance between the producer and his customers.

3/ Promotion:

Promotion via the Internet aims to attract customers of the company or organization to use the pages

Sites and support them with useful information according to their interests, as open lines of communication between them help

better and more efficient way to promote their products