Children's fashion

Children’s fashion

أزياء أطفال

Previously, many parents treated their children’s clothes as constants that could not be changed. The dress is the piece imposed on girls. T-shirts and shorts are obligatory for boys. But that is no longer the case now. The interest of fashion designers in children’s clothing has increased. And Zat became a special identity other than the routine clothes that parents did not deviate from.

It is no secret that parents care about the appearance of their children and are keen to buy clothes for them of the best quality and appearance that suits them.

So you can now shop from the best selection of children’s clothes, shoes and supplies with the best quality and the best prices through the Tajer Zone store.

First: kids fashion:

  • When buying children’s fashion, parents are keen to choose comfortable clothes made of cotton materials and at the same time be modern and have attractive designs.
  • Of the children’s clothing available and best-selling on Tajer Zone store:
  • Girls winter pajamas.
  • Girls summer pajamas.
  • My boys winter and summer pajamas.
  • Girls’ T-shirts.
  • My boys’ T-shirts.
  • Girls’ dresses are modern and attractive.
  • Girls’ elegant dresses for occasions.
  • Allowance for my children for holidays and events.
  • Cotton masks for children.
  • Colorful and plain bracelets for children.

Secondly: baby boy fashion:

  • From the first days of his birth, your child needs to be prepared with soft, comfortable clothes that guarantee him comfort, calmness, and a good night’s sleep.
  • The Tajer Zone store provides baby clothes and supplies that you need, such as:
  • Gorgeous baby props with a unique design, It is made of the finest materials and is soft, ensuring your child’s comfort throughout the day.
  • Baby blankets that have a soft texture against your baby’s skin, giving him warmth and relaxation. suitable size, And in various shapes and graphics.
  • Newborn baby hats made of soft cotton, Which keeps your baby’s head warm and protected from the moment he is born.
  • Baby playmat suitable for newborn babies, It is equipped with an outer ring base with a soft and velvety texture. Available in attractive colors that make your child feel excited and fun while playing
  • Cotton newborn cradles with a soft cotton feel that fits your newborn baby’s skin, And your child feels comfortable to get a good night’s sleep.

Third: Children’s shoes:

  • Children grow rapidly and continuously, and this means that they constantly need new shoes. On the other hand, parents care a lot about their children and are always looking for the best quality shoes.
  • The best online store is the store that provides shoes in various shapes and brands. It also provides shoes for different age groups, including men’s, women’s and children’s shoes.
  • You can now choose your child’s shoes from a wide variety of the most luxurious brands of children’s shoes through the Tajer Zone store.
  • Comfortable slippers for girls and boys are also available. And in multiple shapes and colors and at the best prices and offers.

Fourthly: Baby care supplies:

  • From the first months of his birth, your baby needs many supplies. And these preparations are one of the most enjoyable and fun stages for the mother. However, it is a stage that requires attention to small details and requirements. From supplies and equipment for the child’s room, mattresses and blankets, or movement requirements such as bags and strollers.
  • Dealer Zone store exhales these supplies and essentials.
  • The stroller is available in a distinctive design and is light in weight. The stroller is a necessity and an essential accessory for parents when leaving the house.